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ESPI is providing hardware and software to improve the machining process by an ultra-fast inspection and tool's wear adjustment control loop. Discover our Dynamic Process Control for Efficient Machining!

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Since 1996, ESPI has been designing and manufacturing innovative hardware and software solutions for machine tool controlling, with the aim of maximising profitability in the manufacturing of machined parts. This creative, agile company, which is highly responsive to market needs, was founded by Fabrice and Joël Moreau, with the latter having worked in the dimensional metrology domain since 1973. The company’s objective is to design leading self-testing solutions, keeping pace with developments that are leading to ever more efficient machine tools capable of machining an entire complex, precision part in just a few minutes.  The company’s know-how comes from leveraging and sharing experience gained over many years, enhanced today through the input of its team of highly-qualified engineers whose skills continue to drive the company’s growth aiming for the connected factory of the future.

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