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With over 60 years experience in the development of CNC technologies, more than 22.5 million installed products and over 6000 employees worldwide, FANUC is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of factory automation, industrial robots, CNC systems and machinery.

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We come from a very special place

FANUC City is situated at the foot of Mount Fuji, near Lake Yamanaka. Covering 1.5 million square metres, it is home to all FANUC's unique production facilities. It also includes 12 research and development centres, administration buildings, staff accommodation, leisure facilities and even a clinic for FANUC employees and their families.

We use automation ourselves

With over 4000 robots in our production lines, FANUC is the most automated production facility in the industry. And as a result of this, we clearly understand your needs – supplying you with tried and tested products we know you can rely on.

Unique production capacities

Every month, our site is able to produce up to 55,000 CNC controls, 330,000 servo motors plus 184,000 servo amplifiers, 7000 robots and 3500 machines.

The FANUC world thinks green

All FANUC products are engineered to optimise energy usage through intelligent energy management. And throughout the entire production process, our goal is to be as friendly to our environment as possible.

Outstanding product quality

FANUC is the only company in its sector which develops and manufactures every single major component, both hardware and software, in-house. The benefit for you: superior functional reliability – and highest productivity guaranteed.

Global power

With a global network covering every continent and more than 263 local offices, we are always there to meet your needs quickly and effectively, whenever you need us. In Europe, a comprehensive FANUC network with 29 subsidiaries provides sales, technical, logistics and service support throughout the continent. That way you can be sure to have a local contact that always speaks your language.



Certification / Standards
·    ISO 14001:2015
·    ISO 9001:2015
General Information
Company size
500+ employees
Founded in
Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
FANUC Switzerlang GmbH

Grenchenstrasse 7
2504 Biel/Bienne

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