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ZOLLER is the expert for more economic production. ZOLLER combines presetting, measuring and inspection machines with software and automation solutions for the efficient presetting, measuring, inspecting and managing of cutting tools.

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The ZOLLER Schweiz GmbH was founded in January 2019 as a subsidiary of the German company E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG.

E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG., headquartered in Pleidelsheim near Stuttgart, has a passion for inspection and measuring technology, and has been developing innovative solutions for more economical production processes for almost 75 years. ZOLLER, founded as a mechanical workshop in 1945 by Alfred Zoller, has developed into one of the world’s leading companies in innovative presetting and measuring machines as well as measuring, inspection, and management software for cutting tools and solutions for automated tool handling. So far, we have installed over 38,000 presetting and measuring machines worldwide, with software solutions that are unmatched anywhere around the globe.

Presetting and Measuring Machines for Machining Production

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines like the »smile« or »venturion« models are at the forefront around the world, impressing with outstanding precision, low maintenance costs, and long lifetime, solving many different challenges at once. They minimize set-up times, avoid tool scrap, and prevent machine crashes. In combination with smart software solutions, they help make production processes safer, faster, and more economical. Direct transmission of tool data makes input errors a thing of the past, and can be handled with any machine.

Inspection and Measuring Technology for Tool Manufacturers and Grinding Shops

ZOLLER measuring and inspection machines work precisely with good repeatability, independent of the operator. No matter whether they are used with standard or specialized tools, for initial controlling, production, or final controlling: There is the right measuring and inspection machine for each area of use. ZOLLER offers solutions from the simple and process-supporting inspection to the economic and fully automatic measuring of all tool parameters.

100% checks, traceability and product safety are increasingly the standard for grinding and sharping companies and for tool manufacturers. With ZOLLER, safe and smooth processes are guaranteed – because ZOLLER measuring and inspection machines can transmit actual / target tool data electronically. ZOLLER offers the corresponding interface to almost all systems involved in the grinding process, for example GDX 2.0, NUMROTO, Anca and MTS.

Efficient Tool Management – Hardware and Software Solutions

The ZOLLER company has been developing into a system provider over the past several years. In addition to the TMS Tool Management Solutions software for efficient tool data management, today ZOLLER also offers a broad range of tool storage cabinets, called Smart Cabinets, to equip the entire tool room.

Every tool must be recorded and must be able to be located in production. TMS Tool Management Solutions software and new cabinets make this possible. From tool presetting to CAD/CAM and from the warehouse to the machine – operators work with the same tool data at every step of production; ZOLLER products are connected to one another on the shop floor level via internal interfaces and the central z.One tool database.


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