ALESA DELTA - a new generation of indexable inserts

Six sharply ground cutting edges mounted tangentially on the milling body ensure excellent tool life and process reliability. This increases productivity and improves the quality of the workpiece.

DELTA indexable inserts

The new DELTA indexable inserts have six ground cutting edges and are mounted tangentially on the milling body. Various features of “Twist” have been taken over, including the 20° positive helix angle and the completely ground surfaces and angles. This high positive cutting approach not only means small cutting forces but also allows higher productivity on modern machining centres. The high helix angle in combination with the small cutting forces has a positive effect on the spindle load. Depending on the material, the workpiece is also less affected by work hardening and deformations due to strain. The tangential arrangement of the inserts produces maximum stiffness in the milling body thanks to stronger cross sections.

The large support surface in the insert seat allows good heat transfer and thermal stability, even in dry cutting. It has been demonstrated in practice that a good compromise between hardness (wear resistance), toughness (edge stability) and high-temperature strength is achieved. Combined with the proven AlCrN-VA coating, the high positive-ground cutting edges offer a very long tool life and high process safety.



  • Six ground cutting edges
  • Mounted tangentially on the milling body
  • Completely ground surfaces and angles
  • Maximum stiffness
  • Good heat transfer



  • Higher productivity by six ground cutting edges
  • The high helix angle in combination with the small cutting forces has a positive effect on the spindle load
  • Less vibration even with longer tools


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