Fiber disc 4570 siabite X with a cooler cut

The newly developed X technology from sia Abrasives coats the abrasive with a cooling agent in a special process. The active cooling agent reduces the heat generated during grinding and thus extends the service life of the disc.

The new development is being used for the first time on the 4570 siabite X fibre grinding disc.

Thanks to a new innovative production process from sia Abrasives, the new 4570 siabite X fiber abrasive is convincing with a cooler finish, a longer service life, and a more uniform cutting performance. With conventional abrasives with two top binders, the cooling agent is added to the top binder, which reduces the efficiency of the chemicals. With X technology, the coolant is applied directly to the grain, which increases cooling and minimizes discoloration. The specially selected abrasive grain with crystalline structure also provides a light surface without sacrificing aggressive cutting performance.

The X in the product name stands for the newly developed X technology. Thanks to this, the 4570 siabite X grinding wheels have a service life up to 80 percent longer than comparable products when processing both mild steel and stainless steel. The new development facilitates the machining of unalloyed, low-alloy steel, high-alloy steel, and all other difficult-to-machine metals or aluminum.

The abrasive is available in grit sizes 36, 60, 80 and 120. 4570 siabite X belongs to the new generation of high-performance fiber discs in sia Abrasives' abrasives portfolio.

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