Jaw change in less than 50 seconds

The new DURO-A RC power chuck delivers as a true PRICE-PERFORMANCE CHAMPION across the board. With the quick jaw change system and individual unlocking, the jaws can be changed, moved or turned flexibly and with less set-up time in just 50 SECONDS.

As machine tools evolve and machining capabilities change, builders and users alike need to rethink their workholding choices. Röhm, a worldwide provider of high quality clamping and gripping technology has released a new power chuck, the DURO-A RC. The new power chuck reduces set-up times considerably thanks to its quick jaw-change system that allows the jaws to be adjusted, reversed, or swapped out in just 50 seconds.


DURO-A RC’s billet steel body has a compact, lightweight design, with an overall height that is reduced by 14% and weight reduction of 17 %. This creates additional machining clearance and provides energy savings.  


The applications for the DURO-A RC range from universal turning machines, to turning/milling centres and vertical lathes. It is possible to machine diameters of 11 to 351 mm, whereby the user has a large opening available for hollow and partly-hollow clamping. The stable construction of the DURO-A RC is optimal for both high clamping accuracy and clamping forces. While the high clamping forces guarantee reliable fastening, the key bar design enables high speeds and ensures optimum centrifugal force behavior. The user can carry out the jaw change in a comfortable and user-friendly manner and also reduce his set-up costs and set-up times. Röhm stands behind the quality and reliability of its new chuck and is offering its customers a three-year warranty (pursuant to DURO-A RC warranty conditions). Last but not least, the DURO-A RC scores points with an attractive entry price of € 2,995.


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