Polishing blasting equipment PolishPeen 770

Polishing blasting equipment PolishPeen 770 for perfect, gloss polished surfaces on PVD- / CVD-coated cutting and moulding tools, punching, cutting and forming tools, watch and jewellery parts as well as for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Polishing with the polishing blasting equipment PolishPeen 770 – perfect for polished surfaces, especially in the following areas:

  • Bright polished surfaces in mould and tool making
  • Gloss polishing and removal of droplets (PVD / CVD - coatings) on cutting tools
  • High gloss polishing on punching, cutting and forming tools
  • Smoothing and polishing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Finish gloss of watches and jewellery parts.


In our polishing blasting equipment PolishPeen 770, surfaces of several components can be subsequently treated. Polish blasting media gets with pressure blown out from the blasting pistol and thrown against the surface of the work piece. The surfaces of the work pieces are treated by guiding the blasting pistol slowly and evenly over the work piece.


Due to its ergonomic design the operation of the PolishPeen equipment is very easy and does not cause any problems regardless of whether the operator is standing or sitting.


The industrial benefits

The manufacturing costs get substantially reduced by polish blasting the surfaces. Excellent performances and surface results are ensured for a wide variety of applications.

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