RSC Modular System

The BIAX Modular System is the most effective and cost-efficient solution for automated deburring with a robot or a CNC machine on the market. You pay only for the parts which you really need!

Only pay for what you need.

BIAX develops innovative modular deburring system: the RSC Modular System


Automated deburring solutions are becoming increasingly popular, for large series in particular. Forgetting large deburring systems for the moment, users are increasingly choosing pneumatic spindles over electric spindles. Not only are they much less expensive to purchase and repair, but they are also significantly lighter and more compact. However: if there is a change of application, resulting from the discontinuation of a series part and its replacement with another, for example, this will usually require the purchase of a new spindle. This problem might now be solved, according to Schmid & Wezel GmbH & Co. KG, better known by the brand name BIAX. The Swabian family business specializes in deburring solutions using pneumatic tools.


BIAX will be presenting a unique modular deburring system at Prodex in Basel: the RSC Modular System. It consists of several components that can be combined with each other based on the desired application: oscillating tools, angle heads and a wide variety of straight spindle inserts with speeds of 16,000 to 100,000 rpm. A robust radial mechanical deflection unit that serves to counterbalance component and positioning tolerances can be integrated as an additional module. All common connections for robots and CNC machining centers are on offer.


This means customers only pay for what they really need. And if the application changes, the only part that needs to be replaced is the spindle insert. The resulting cost savings can reach 80% and higher. Storage costs are reduced as well since only the spindle insert needs to be kept as a spare part.

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