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Wittich is now the Swiss partner of SISMA for laser marking and engraving systems. The products will be presented for the first time at the Prodex 2019.

Swiss partner of SISMA

Hans Wittich GmbH takes over the Swiss distribution of laser processing systems for SISMA. Headquartered in Northern Italy, Piovene Rocchette has over 18 years of experience in laser machining equipment and is one of the leading manufacturers of precision laser marking, 2D and 3D laser engraving, laser fine cutting, laser welding and additive manufacturing.


Market launch: laser marking and engraving systems

The first step is currently the market launch of laser marking and engraving systems. Wittich has many years of experience in this area. From the compact desktop laser marker to the high-precision multi-axis 3D engraving machine, SISMA offers a solution for every application. OEM lasers for integration in special machines and production lines complete our offer.

For some SISMA developments we use the new term "next level laser marking". To mention, for example, the automatic laser marking machine WH-64-P which independently processes on 64 pallets different workpieces. Different parts can be placed loose on the pallets. A camera system captures the parts, positions the labeling according to specifications and the high-precision laser marking is fully automatic. The vision system is available for most workstations from SISMA. Meanwhile, more than half of the laser systems are sold with a camera. Significantly shorter set-up times mean that the already moderate additional costs pay for themselves in a short time and, in combination with the software option "Pattern Matching", expensive workpiece fixtures can largely be dispensed with.


Ease of use is a priority

In general, great value is placed on user-friendliness at SISMA. This is noticeable in the specially developed laser software PRISMA. Although this provides many functions, the overview is always guaranteed and the operation is largely intuitive.

Only high-quality, maintenance-free beam sources with different wavelengths in a power range from 5 to 100 watts are used. Matched to the particular application, each workstation can be combined with the most suitable laser system for the application.

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