The perfect thread

New solutions for manufacturing micro threads with the thread whirler series GWi 5000. The thread whirlers are perfect for producing micro-threads and small diameters for many applications as well as materials that are difficult to machine, up to 4XD1.

The requirements on applications in production facilities increase steadily. We, as the leading tap manufacturer in Switzerland, need to meet this challenge.

Combination-tools are a fast growing market for us. The tools combine multiple applications and are suitable for stainless steels, super-alloys, hardened materials but also for any plastics.

After many applications and discussions with our customers in different industries the issue of the perfect thread was always brought up. In order to meet this important requirement it was our aim to develop a tool based on our thread whirler series that would produce a burr-free thread.

We succeeded to meet this ambitious goal with our GWi series.

The multi-tooth full-profile carbide thread whirler guarantees a burr-free thread. Thanks to the complete machining of the flanks and the core diameter the transitions and edges of the thread are burr-free.

The perfect inner coolant allows a smooth chip evacuation and highest performances.

According to the application, the surface qualities are better than N4 or Ra 0.2 mu.

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