Fiber disc with geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain. Defines itself in a defined way and creates always new sharp edges. Your advantage: Processing of more workpieces in the same time (up to 30% more removal compared to previous leading ceramic abrasives)

VSM ACTIROX is the latest generation of abrasives for maximum removal.

The geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain builds up in a defined manner and creates always creates new sharp edges. The VSM TOP SIZE increases the cutting performance and reduces the temperature in the grinding zone. Thanks to the extremely high level of material removal, VSM ACTIROX fiber discs can process more workpieces at the same time (up to 30% more material removal than previous ceramic abrasives).

Advantages of the VSM ACTIROX 

  • Maximum removal leads to a reduction in operating costs
  • Increased productivity (more workpieces per unit of time thanks to faster grinding)
  • High performance in superalloys and stainless steels
  • Cool grinding and longer service life thanks to VSM TOP SIZE


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