Digital instructions already available on the packaging

The Digimarc barcode, which is invisible to the human eye, eliminates printing costs for paper manuals. The barcode is integrated into the in-mould labeling motif and can be scanned with an app. The user can call up the digital instructions anytime and anywhere.

Digimarc for IML - The imperceptible Barcode

The customer searched for a clever alternative for printed instructions which usually need a lot of space in the plastic case, and once printed can only be updated or replaced with great effort.

W.AG presented FAUDI aviation in combination with the in-mould labelling decoration method (IML) the Digimarc barcode: An innovative and imperceptible enhancement and watermark that repeats throughout an entire product package or other printed material. Disruptive QR codes can be avoided because the barcode is integrated in the IML graphic. Therefore the added value of a case solution can be expanded with digital information or interactove marketing features.


How Digimarc works:

  • The barcode is integrated in the digital print file with a link (URL).
  • With the Digimar Discover App you can scan and read the IML with integrated Digimarc barcode.
  • The app redirects to the embedded URL.


FAUDI aviation linked the instruction (PDF-file) with the IML and can update or edit the instruction at any time. When using an instruction in printed form it would be a cost-intensive effort and instructions in already sold case sets could not be replaced.


Thus, the latest and correct version of the instruction is always available for the end user or consumer.


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